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Studies released around the same time showed that while almost 78% of this country voted last year, only ½ could describe what it was that congress does, ⅓  could name the three branches of government, and just ⅕ could pass their own citizenship test. Why? 50,000,000 students in the United States lack basic civic education-- and they have for decades. That’s why we began working on Athenia One: A website that aims to inspire, educate, and empower 1,000,000 students across the country to become the next generation of activists-- by teaching them the rules of America.




BEAM (@beamcommunity) is an international, student-run organization of 1K+ high school seniors encouraging peer-to-peer mentorship in the college admissions process. We’ve matched 230+ students to college mentors, hosted a college conference of 300+ attendees, held undergraduate panel AMAs, and more. From essay writing, to resumé building, to community support, we believe collaboration is the future!

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Leo Finelli (he/him/his) is a 19-year-old intersectional social justice activist from Charlotte, NC. Leo believes all social justice issues are interconnected, and utilizes many platforms, including protests, letters to representatives, screenplays, songs, and his voice as a voter to promote issues such as gender equality, climate justice, immigrant respect, LGBTQ+ rights, gun reform, and racial justice. Leo has autism/Asperger's and loves meeting and communicating with other people! Contact him at

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NOW Young Feminist Task Force

 The YFTF is a standing committee of the National Organization for Women that is comprised of young feminist and leaders from all around the country. Our purpose is to amplify the voices of young feminists and to make NOW more accessible to and inclusive of the younger generation. We act as NOW’s youth liaison and our role in NOW is to represent the opinions of young feminists everywhere.



Students Stand Up is a youth-led initiative dedicated to providing young people with the tools and resources necessary to begin and succeed in work surrounding activism and political advocacy.

Student Stand Up
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Ohio Students for Gun Legislation is a non-partisan student-led 501(c)4 Non-Profit, advocating for the right of every human to be safe from gun violence. By connecting students and other Ohio stakeholders, we develop the strategies and skills to identify, address, and solve the specific issues surrounding gun violence in our communities.

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One Up Action (OUA) is a youth-led nonprofit supporting marginalized youth combating the climate crisis by providing them the resources to make their scientific climate solutions a reality and take direct action in their communities. OUA mobilizes youth in hyper-local climate actions, and distributes microgrants to young POC working on science and/or technological solutions. OUA's core values focus on community strength, serving the greater good, equity, and inclusion. To execute these values, we provide underserved neighborhoods with resources, funding, and support needed to start a chapter. The chapters are encouraged to implement projects to increase sustainability/conservation.

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Not My Generation is committed to creating and convening diverse, intersectional
coalitions in partnership with young gun violence prevention organizers in cities and
communities across the country. Key to our organizing strategy is the coalition model;
the NMG National Team supports our local coalitions across the country as they work to
break down silos within the gun violence prevention movement and ensure that young,
diverse individuals are represented and active in their community's gun violence
prevention organizing.

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Breaking Book Barriers is an online platform for students in the US to trade in their old prep books for new ones. SAT, ACT, and AP books are incredibly expensive, particularly when students need several of these books throughout their high school careers. At Breaking Book Barriers, their goal is to ensure that all students have access to test prep material and are well equipped to succeed on standardized tests. Users can register on the website and choose the books that they need. These books will then be shipped out to them for free. Users can keep books for as long as they need, and then re-list them when they are done with their test. We keep up our inventory by asking for donations of your used books. We are currently looking for team members, both to work on the initiative virtually(marketing, content creation, etc) and to start a chapter of Breaking Book Barriers in their community. Please email if you are interested!



Student Art Spaces is a global teen-led initiative uplifting underserved young artists through events and education. Since 2018, they have started chapters in 9 cities spanning the US and Canada, raised over $6,000 for our cause, and reached more than 300 artists. By giving women, POC, and low-income artists a voice, SAS ensures that the art world is an accessible space for everyone.



Sophrosyne Mental Health raises awareness around mental illness by providing education and resources to help fight against the stigma. They are partnered with the Youth Activism Project, and based in Massachusetts.

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A not-for-profit organization that focuses on 3 main factors: increasing awareness of mental health issues, offering free consultations (student to student) in an aim to reduce stress for students, and creating a community so that students can have a platform to talk to other students. To achieve this, they have promoted different social media campaigns, like our Positivity Campaign and Empower Interview Campaign, consulted with various students across the world, and created a thriving Discord community (now a Gratitude Plus Circle) through which students can feel open to share their feelings.



A national network that fosters community and collaboration among youth leaders and youth-led organizations.

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We are prepared to take on the nation’s top leaders to make our voices heard. Our generation has grown up watching school shootings destroy lives and then get swept out of the spotlight. We refuse to let this happen again.


Youth Empower is the youth voice of the Women’s March Network, aligned with the Women’s March Unity Principles.