"Whoever controls the media, controls the mind"- Jim Morrison



Why is voting such a significant right? When you vote, you are voting to elect your next representative. Can you believe that? You get to vote for a person who represents you. Your morals. Your ideas. Your beliefs. When you elect someone, they have the power to make policies in your interest. 

Voting is so important that it has been written into the constitution! Then why is it that so many people don’t take it that seriously? 

Sometimes we feel like our votes don’t make a difference. On voting day, you just pressed a button, and someone you didn’t want ended up getting elected. You feel, “What’s the point of voting, if someone who doesn’t represent my interests is elected?” And then, you decide not to vote at all. What we don’t realize is that there are so many people who think that way, a large majority of the crowd doesn’t end up voting. In the 2016 elections alone, roughly 43% of eligible voters didn’t vote. That is a significant number. Imagine what would happen if all those who felt like their vote didn’t matter, had voted. 

One person can make such a big difference. One vote can swing an entire election. 

“But neither of the people running are those who represent me!” You may cry. But here’s the thing. Even if those running for election aren’t particularly interesting to you, remember that either way, one of them will be your representative. Vote for the lesser of the two evils. Who do you prefer more? 

You may not always end up voting for someone you completely like. But no matter what, don’t waste your vote. Your vote matters. If you didn’t vote the last time, imagine, the entire world might have been so much more different if you had. 

The right to vote is something that people have fought over. Women had to fight for it. People of color had to fight for it. Your ancestors probably fought for it. So, when you vote, it may seem like a small insignificant action, when in fact you are making history. 

Please remember to register to vote, so you can exercise the rights people before you have died to have. Register to vote, so you can vote for someone who represents what you believe in. 

Register to vote, so that you can make history. 



Everyone knows by now that COVID-19 has torn this nation apart, from the economy to everyday living. We all live in a constant frenzy of social distancing and masks. Life has completely been turned upside down. Even youth activism has completely transformed, adapting to new methods to keep fighting for good causes.


For example, Plannr Consulting, a mental health awareness youth advocacy organization has had to change the way they interact with their audience. 


“With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus that has turned into a global pandemic rather quickly, Plannr Consulting has been facing some hindrance itself. The prime focus of the organization has always been mental health, yet despite the approaching mental health awareness month some of our significant plans have been put to rest. Possibly hosting a mental health rally and interacting live with our audience where some of our planned events that have been canceled for the time being. Due to social distancing, we are unable to enact many of our ideas that involve interaction as everyone’s health is our number one priority. However, while recent events have heightened the mental struggles for everyone including Plannr, our organization is still striving towards becoming an outlet for those battling mental struggles,” Apekshya Pacchai said in a statement from Plannr Consulting.


Furthermore, organizations from other areas of youth activism, like Art Activism has also had to adapt to the changing circumstances. The Center for Art Activism, for instance, decided to continue to plan new programs and advocate for artists around the world, from a safe distance.


In a statement, C4AA reports, “Slowing the spread of COVID-19 and flattening the curve are deeply important to protect ourselves, our friends, and our family from an overwhelmed medical system. However, that doesn’t mean our efforts to fight for social and economic justice are no longer relevant or important. In fact, many of our efforts are related or interconnected with this current health crisis. Specific events may need to be canceled or postponed, but your advocacy and your campaigns may need to continue. It’s simply time to adapt. So don’t cancel, instead, let’s focus on how it can be done. Now’s the time for us to make the seemingly impossible possible.”


By putting in extra hours and working together, youth organizations have found a way around the pandemic. Utilizing online resources, like social media or video calling platforms such as Zoom, has become the new norm of communicating. 


Shayna Rutman also reports about her youth organization, “My organization Purses For A Purpose- San Diego has recently gotten a lot of publicity from the social media platform "TikTok" and I have been getting tons of travel-sized toiletries donations from across the nation from Amazon and my P.O box. I am in the middle of trying to figure out the safest way to deliver my purses to homeless women and have been in contact with several homeless advocacy groups that want to help me navigate this obstacle. Other than that, I have around 50 full purses ready to deliver to the homeless women in my county and am helping other cities in the nation start their own Purses For A Purpose organization. If you want to learn more, please check out or email me at”


Despite the pressure COVID-19 has put on youth organizations and activism, activists have begun to creatively come up with solutions to fight for their causes. Activism in the age of COVID-19 has transformed, yet it still persists to make a change in the world for the better.