Our Team


Founder (she/her) @isabama

Hi! My name is Isabel Hope and I am a 17-year-old youth activist from Tuscaloosa, AL. Aside from my work with Meddling Kids Movement, I am the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Yellowhammer Youth, a student run digital space for young people in Alabama to share their voices through opinion writing. I have also led the Alabama Youth Climate Strike, served as President of March For Our Lives Tuscaloosa, was Social Media Manager of Students Demand Action Montgomery, AL, and volunteered on 4 election campaigns. I am super passionate about youth rights, gun reform, and political comedy. I also love cats. 



Executive Director (she/her) @shayyyyyyna

Hello! My name is Shayna Rutman and I am 18-years-old from San Diego, CA. I am the new executive director for MKM!! I am a freshman at American University majoring in political science and  double-minoring in justice and women, gender, sexuality studies. Outside of MKM, I founded Purses for a Purpose- San Diego, an organization where I collect donated purses and travel sized toiletries to deliver to local impoverished women. Throughout high school, I participated in a Jewish reform camp called NFTY Socal where I (alongside multiple Jewish teens) use my voice to affect change in the Jewish reform community and am currently involved with my university's Hillel. Additionally, I currently am a CA DEM fellow and the Head Of Outreach for NOW Young Feminist Task Force. I also love my puppy Lyla and fish Beta Bernie.


Field Director (he/him) @seanpowell.12

Hello! I am Sean Powell, born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, and I am 16 years old. Throughout my life I have found passion through others, and I have always viewed myself as a compilation of the things I have experienced. Most recently I have been happily introduced and enveloped into the activism community through personal friends, and the ideology behind events such as MUN. Likewise, I have always been interested in graphic design, art, formating, and what is naturally appealing to the complexes and intricacies of the human mind. The two stated before, art and activism, are naturally intertwined; and activism is naturally a form of art in itself. By combining my personal passions of art, justice, medicine, and analysis, I hope I can convey what it means to be a leader of the mind and heart; naturally, by presenting the idealisms of our community in the most accurate and effective way possible. 


Graphics Director (she/her) @maddy_o25

Hi there! My name is Maddy Stevens, I am an 18 year old activist, entrepreneur and college student. I attend College of the Atlantic in Maine but currently live in Connecticut. I run an Etsy shop and have for four years. I have only been doing activism for a few years, focusing on climate change. I create animations and graphics like logo design as well as non digital art such as stop motion and sewing. I am also learning to play the banjo but it’s not going smoothly.

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News Director

Hi! I’m Ava Richards, a 17-year-old from the Bay Area, California. One of my greatest passions in life is telling the stories that really matter, whether it be through written articles, podcasts, or video stories. I’m super excited to be a part of the News Team for the Meddling Kids Movement to help continue my love for creating and expand the impact that my work can have on the world. Besides this, I also work on three other publications. I am a staff writer for my school’s newsmagazine, the managing editor of podcasts for my school’s broadcast journalism program, and the Editor-In-Chief of a student-run literary magazine called All That’s Lit to Print.

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Student Rights Director (she/her) @cosmic_athena

Hey! My name is Jasmine and I am a 15-year-old climate and human rights activist from Dallas, Texas. Outside of MKM, I work with several other organizations including Zero Hour, Sunrise Movement, and am the leader of the STEMteen Dallas chapter, in which I help students from underprivileged backgrounds learn STEM topics beyond what they have been taught in school. In addition, I am a co-president of my school’s environmental club, where we have done work such as climate striking and advocating for less plastic use in school and in the county. I'm also an artist, writer, and science nerd who is extremely in love with cats and plants. I hope to go into research science when I am older and am extremely excited to be a part of MKM. 


Art Activism Director (she/her)

Hi! My name is Eliana Cortez, and I’m a 17 year old from NYC. I’m so excited to be the Art Activism Director! I‘ve always been super passionate about art. In the past, I’ve participated in many art programs, and I’m currently an art major at my high school. I’m also a part of the social justice program at my school. In it, we discuss global issues, volunteer, and run educational events and fundraisers. I also really love learning about different laws and their effects on people of all walks of life. Because of my interest in public policy, I’ve become involved in public forum debate and my District Attorney’s Student Advisory Council. I love that MKM amplifies the voices of kids who are inspiring social changes and changes in public policy. Some fun facts about me are that I love watching Survivor, listening to music, and kickboxing. 


Gun Violence Prevention Director (she/her) @_aniyataylor

Hey! My name is A’niya Taylor, I’m 16 years old, and I’m a junior at Baltimore City College. I started my activism in my freshman year, organizing protests and walkouts. I worked on public policy in the summer of 2019 and co-lead a summer initiative to give inner-city kids fun things to do. Along with being the Gun Violence Prevention Director, I co-lead MFOL Baltimore; I am the tools and technology lead for SDA; I’m Baltimore’s Youth Poet Ambassador and I am on the Baltimore City Youth Poetry Team. For me, activism isn’t a hobby but a lifestyle. 


Climate Justice Director (she/her) @evay0ung

Hi! My name is Evie Young, and I’m a 16 year old climate justice activist from Boston, MA. I served as a grade representative for my school’s sustainability committee, and I watch many climate change documentaries. This is my first time working with an activist organization so I am looking forward to doing this work alongside other passionate environmentalists.  I am very passionate about saving the environment, and as of April 2019, I became a pescatarian and I also love sustainable fashion as well. In my free time, when I’m not doing climate activist work, I enjoy dancing, watching movies, writing and reading books. 


Gender Equity Director (she/her) @s.czhizhi

Hello! I am Zhi Zhi–an 18-year-old feminist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Aside from being a member of the Outreach Team on MKM, I am also the founder of a feminist blog called Feminist Apprentice where I write about my views on various feminist topics. Furthermore, I am a Malaysian Youth Ambassador for World Literacy Foundation, a young journalist for the Star (a national newspaper), and a volunteer at Amnesty International Malaysia. I do not like anything spontaneous, I have 5 dogs, I am obsessed with FRIENDS, I unwind by having a secret dance party with myself and my iPod, and as nerdy as this may seem, I actually enjoy studying. 


Mental Health Awareness Director (she/her) @_durianmalhotra_

Hi, I’m Divya, I’m 16 years old and I am from India and currently living in the UAE. My first brush with mental health support was when I became one of the UAE’s first teen mental health first aiders. I later went on to intern for an online therapy counselling where I graduated with honours. Some of my favourite books to read include The Great Gatsby and Northanger Abbey. I’m currently aspiring to go into the medical field and I’m super excited to be working with a group of wonderful individuals for the importance of mental health.


LGBTQIA+ Rights Director (she/her) @sthuthi.satish

Hey! I’m Sthuthi Satish, and I’m a high school junior pursuing the IBDP! I’m a youth activist and aspiring medical doctor from Bangalore, India! I’m extremely passionate about life sciences, and hope to pursue a career in medicine. I’m passionate about gender equity, LGBTQIA+ rights, mental health, human rights, and the intersections that lie within. I currently serve as the Director for the LGBTQIA+ Rights team for MKM, and previously have been the International Director and Financial Director. Apart from my work with MKM, I’m the Girls in Science Spokesperson for the Royal Academy of Science International Trust, Ambassador for Bytes of Code, and hold other positions at various youth-led organizations.



Immigrant Rights Director/ News Team Member (she/her) @melodygrace.h

Hi, I’m Melody and I am 17 years old and I am from Northern Virginia! I am currently a Teen Leader for Warren where I frequently do outreach for her campaign. I am also involved with March For Our Lives: Virginia. I am a staff writer of The Progressive Teen, a publication by High School Democrats of America, where I write mainly Op-Ed articles. I am so excited to be part of the growing news team and to work on an organization dedicated to amplifying youth voices!


Racial Justice Director (she/her) @diamondklife

Hello! I’m Diamond Kifle, a 16-year-old from Columbia, Maryland. I was indirectly involved with activism at a summer program I attended on social justice and public policy the summer of my sophomore year. While I was always passionate about youth activism, that year was the first time I’d actually learned about how I can help. I got involved in a local movement trying to combat sexual assault called the Nomen Nescio Project and began writing for an online blog geared towards women of color. I have the strongest hatred for avocados, and my favorite movie is V for Vendetta.



News Team Member

Hello! I am Reva Kulkarni, 17 years old, and I’m from Bangalore, India. I am currently studying in the IBDP, and hope to pursue a degree in international relations in the future. I am so excited to be a part of the news team as my dream job is to be a journalist. I have participated in MUNs as a delegate as well as the press, having won best reporter twice. I am the editor-in-chief of my school magazine and I have previously worked with the NIE Times of India, with whom I learnt a lot about how newspapers work and opened my eyes to what the business behind journalism looks like. While working with MKM I hope to make a real difference as part of the news team, and educate the readers to the best of my abilities. 



Student Rights Team Member

Hello! My name is Hajar Murray, 17 years old, and I’m from Jersey City, New Jersey. In my city, I work to push forth the student voice by being the district-wide student representative in the board of education alongside with my student-led initiative of the Jersey City Action Group working to combat issues in my community. Activism has definitely resonated with me and how I wish to incorporate it into my career. Moreover, I have participated in the New York Academy of Sciences for two years and have been intrigued in this field throughout my life. As a major, I wish to pursue Pre-Medicine & Biology to continue to help others, whilst utilizing my advocacy to bring awareness to necessary issues. In the Meddling Kids Movement I hope to use my platform to help uplift other student voices and give the generation that withholds the power of change to rise!



Art Activism Team Member (she/her) @zhoukaitlyn

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Zhou, I am a 17 year old from Naperville, Illinois. I am very excited to be a part of this team! I am passionate about activism, and I often use my art as a platform to advocate. Therefore, I hope to use my effort to help empower and give a voice to the youth. Aside from being a member of the Meddling Kids Movement, I am also an illustrator for Gen Rise Media, a member of Young Artivist Alliance, the Art lead and Excel lead for the Teen Advisory Board at the Alive Center, and a member of Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s Youth Advisory Board. 



Gender Equity Team Member (she/her) @womeninrevolt

Hi, I’m Sara Perera from NYC!  I run an Instagram account, Women In Revolt, where I simplify and dissect political and social issues that are often misrepresented or rarely acknowledged in our society, discuss feminism, and give updates on current events. I'm an intersectional feminist, member of Little Miss Big Futures (a mentorship program for girls of color interested in STEM), Girl Talk, and Gender Sexuality Alliance. I can't wait to work with the Meddling Kids Movement!



Gender Equity Team Member (she/her) @ri_dayumn_ahmed

Hey! I'm Rida Yumn Ahmed from India. I am a youth advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goals with a STEM background. I always strive to serve society and make an impact to discover future opportunities. I participate in international collaborations and projects, working for various global organizations and love meeting new people. I currently am promoting STEM amongst young girls and organize workshops, skype interactions, drives, etc. I'm also a Young Member of The New York Academy Of Sciences. I believe Generation Z has the power to change the world.



Gender Equity Team Member

Hi! I’m Himani Kalra from Atlanta, Georgia. Through my project “Save the Girl Child”, I am a passionate social advocate – working to raise global awareness about female gendercide and the importance of empowering the girl-child through education and healthcare. My social media page “Every Girl Matters” shines a spotlight on female gendercide. Aside from MKM, I am Brand Ambassador for the Invisible Girl Project and have co-founded a nonprofit organization The Neelok Foundation. In my free time, I love classical dancing, reading, and traveling the world with my family. 



Mental Health Team Member (she/her) @felix_theactivista

Hi! I am Claire Hedberg and I was born in Guatemala, but now I live in Richmond, Virginia. I work as an activist on many issues. My first time in the activist world was at the 2016 Women’s March. Since then, I have become more involved. I work with Zero Hour, Polluters Out and other organizations. I also volunteered for two political campaigns. I love reading and playing violin. I hope to someday go into politics!



LGBTQIA+ Rights Team Member (she/her) @emmaburden57

Hi! I’m Emma Burden. I’m 16-years-old and live on the outskirts of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Other than being part of the MKM LGBTQIA+ Rights Team for MKM, I’m also part of the Communications Team for the Chattanooga Health Advocacy Team. I’m looking forward to volunteering as a Community Ambassador for a local contraceptives provider and joining Students Demand Action. I’m most passionate about equal rights and reproductive rights, but I’m also growing into becoming a stronger advocate for gun control. I first got interested in politics in the 2016 election, and now that we’re easing towards the 2020 election, I’m looking forward to working in my community and on a national scale to raise political awareness and to rally for the causes that I believe in. My favorite movies are the Star Wars saga and my favorite book is either The Catcher in the Rye, Postcards From the Edge, or The Color Of Water.



Climate Justice Team Member (she/her) @

Hi! My name is Ehma Beveridge, and I am a 13 year old from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I first got into activism in 2019 when I attended my first strike. Aside from MKM I organize with Green Teens Toronto and Climate Strike Canada where we organize mostly strikes, rallies and marches. I am also a writer for Fridays For Future Toronto’s writing cycle where we write primarily letters and LTEs. I am very passionate about intersectional climate activism  and think it’s important to take into account how the climate crisis will affect all people, especially those in the global south. Outside of activism, I love to climb, read and bake.



Climate Justice Team Member (she/her) @kaitlynleith

Hi! I’m Kaitlyn Leitherer, a 16 year-old from Baltimore, Maryland. I live in the beloved Chesapeake Bay Watershed, where I work my hardest to protect it as a Chesapeake Bay Foundation student leader and Secretary-Treasurer of my school’s Environmental Coalition. What I love most about sustainability is that it isn’t just a tree-hugging-hippie philosophy. To have a sustainable future, topics that seem unrelated, like social justice and economics, MUST be addressed, and for that very reason, I’m beyond excited to work with such a multi-faceted organization. Besides being a full-time climate activist, I enjoy camping, learning about classical music history, and playing the harp.



Racial Justice Team Member (she/her) @martholdy

Hello! My name I am Martholdy Pierre-Canel and I am a 17 year old from Sandy Spring, Maryland. I have always been passionate about racial justice and use my platform to spread awareness on racial issues and to shine light on issues that lots of people don’t talk about. Aside of the Meddling Kids Movement, I was involved in a local sexual assault movement. I take Newspaper and I publish articles about racial injustices there. I am also an active member in the Black Student Union. I am extremely excited to be more involved in this movement by joining this one! Some fun facts about me: I do believe that The Office is the funniest show ever , I have over 80 playlists on Spotify (because i try to capture a different mood in each playlist), I hate milk (any type of milk it disgusts me).

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