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Our Team

Hi! My name is Isabel Hope and I am a 17-year-old youth activist from Tuscaloosa, AL. Aside from my work with Meddling Kids Movement, I am the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Yellowhammer Youth, a student run digital space for young people in Alabama to share their voices through opinion writing. I have also led the Alabama Youth Climate Strike, served as President of March For Our Lives Tuscaloosa, was Social Media Manager of Students Demand Action Montgomery, AL, and volunteered on 4 election campaigns. I am super passionate about youth rights, gun reform, and political comedy. I also love cats. 

Founder/Executive Director


Hi there! My name is Stephen Baker, I am an 18-year-old activist from California. My work in activism includes Meddling Kids Movement, Team Enough Leader, and a Bernie 2020 intern. I led the San Diego March for Our Lives, organized a BIPOC oriented high school club focusing on uplifting minority voices, and helped pass gun legislation in my city. My passions are rooted in civil rights, indigenous rights, youth activism, and gun reform legislation.

Field Director/Graphics


Hi! My name is Catharine Li, and I’m 14-years-old, currently living in Austin, Texas. Though my experiences in activism actually began with my background in journalism, I am passionate about seeking out and telling stories, and fighting towards equity and access in all of our communities. As Outreach Director, I hope to work with underrepresented youth at the forefront of activism, and learn and grow with this incredibly passionate and amazing group of people. Aside from MKM, I am currently working on launching a virtual webinar summit for youth activists with an organization called Triple A. In my free time, you may find me drinking way too much lemonade, curating my postcard collection, or finding my next book to obsess over.

Outreach Director



Hey! I’m Lillian Minor, I’m 16-years-old, and I’m a senior at Owen J Roberts High School. I plan to study screenwriting in college, with a minor in human rights. I became a feminist (and ultimately an activist) because of my mother, the first woman to go to college in my family, who taught me the value of gender equity. I’m honored to work as MKM’s Communication Director, as well as the state Student Activist Coordinator for Amnesty International. I’m currently working on fighting period poverty in my home state of Pennsylvania, and when I’m not busy with activism you can catch me writing, acting, or reading.

Communications Director



Hi! I'm Abbie La Porta, and I'm an 18-year-old college freshman from State College, PA. I'm currently studying architectural engineering at Penn State University, and in my career, I hope to create buildings with zero carbon footprint. I first became involved in youth activism after the Santa Fe high school shooting, planning National Die-In Day with a team of students from around the country. In addition to being Meddling Kids Movement's Social Media Director, I'm a member of the Zero Hour operations team, chapter lead for March For Our Lives, and hub co-lead for Sunrise Movement. I love anything to do with science, technology, the environment, music, or basketball.

Social Media Director


Hi! I’m Sydna Kennedy, I am a 17-year-old youth activist from Lake City, CA. I first got involved in activism in sixth grade, when I learned about feminism. In recent years, I have become very passionate about gun control, encouraging youth to vote, and reproductive rights. Some of my favorite movies are Lady Bird, Booksmart, and Shazam. I love to read, write, and hope to go into the film industry someday.

Creative Director


Peace be upon you! My name is Zaynab Elkolaly, and I’m an 18-year-old activist and organizer from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I currently serve as the youngest appointed government official in the state of MI, and my passions include STEM, reading, and leading revolutions. During my lifetime, I hope to harness nuclear fusion, become a surgeon for Doctor without Borders, and run for the United States presidency. I’m a proud Arab-American Muslim and my faith, Islam, is what fuels me to uphold justice and overturn oppression. We must stand side by side until we are all free.

Partnerships Director


Hey! I’m Paige Cromley, a 17-year-old from Houston, Texas. I became involved with activism by leading the March for Our Lives event in my city during my sophomore year of high school. Ever since then, I’ve been involved in various voter registration and youth advocacy campaigns, such as Own Our Vote. I want youth to be better heard in our government and society, specifically on causes such as climate change which directly affect my generation. I also run on my school’s cross country team and have a pet rabbit. My favorite type of music is rock, but I’ll listen to practically anything.

Education Director


Hey y’all! My name is Julia, I’m 18, and I’m from Austin, Texas. I am a senior at Austin High School, and I have 7 siblings and 3 dogs. Next year in college, I will be studying nursing, with an end goal of being a pediatric nurse. I have always been involved in activism, but got very active with in gun violence prevention after someone I knew was killed in a domestic violence situation. I organized and spoke at the TX Capitol Walkout for Gun Safety, and I have done more work with gun violence stuff, including protesting the NRA at their national convention, and appearing on CNN. Other issues I have worked on are disability rights, LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and climate change.

Policy Director/Southern Regional Director


Hello, there! I’m Sthuthi Satish, a 16-year-old youth activist from Bangalore, India. I’ve always considered myself a feminist and my activism journey began at the United Nations Headquarters in February of 2018- where I spoke about the importance of involving more women and girls in science and policy making. Apart from my work with the Meddling Kids Movement, I am the Girls in Science Advocate for the Royal Academy of Science International Trust, and founded the Girls in Science 4 SDGs International Platform. I am also currently serving as an Ambassador for Bytes of Code. Apart from my activism, I possess the ability to geek out about anything biology at 3 AM, and I aspire to be a doctor. I also serve as the Head of Research and Development for Broccoli Brains.

Financial Director/International Regional Director


Hello! My name is Shayna Rutman and I am 17-years-old from San Diego, CA. Outside of acting as Western RD of Meddling Kids Movement, I founded Purses for a Purpose- an organization where I collect donated purses and travel sized toiletries to deliver to homeless women. I am also involved in my high school’s marching band (clarinetist!), I partake in leadership roles for social action clubs at my school, and boxing. I am very passionate about gender equality, gun control, and everything else. I also love my puppy and guinea pig.

Western Regional Director


Hello! I’m Caroline Skwara, a 17-year-old from Cincinnati, Ohio. I got involved in activism in my sophomore year of high school when I co-founded a club dedicated to fighting for menstrual equity in our community. From there, I got involved in other organizations and causes. At the moment, I’m especially proud to serve as the Midwestern Regional Director for MKM, the Ohio State Lead for US Youth Climate Strike, the Executive Director of GenZ Takeover, a leader at State of Ohio Youth Activists, and an intern for Care About Climate. Aside from activism, I play piano and saxophone, am a leader in my school’s French Club, and I can fence. I love cheesy sci-fi and FBI TV shows, I collect records, and I have two really cute dogs.

Midwestern Regional Director


Hey, I’m Debbie Goldberg, a 17-year-old from the Philadelphia area. I got involved with activism when I organized a gun violence prevention club at my school. Soon after, I joined March For Our Lives Philadelphia, and I am currently one of the student leaders of the chapter. I am passionate about gun violence prevention, reducing inner-city violence, and helping inner-city youth. Outside of activism, I enjoy spending time with friends, watching This Is Us and Grey’s Anatomy, and working with children. I am hoping to become a pediatric occupational therapist in the future.

Northeastern Regional Director


Hi! My name is Emily Weinberg and I’m an 18-year-old from Lexington, Massachusetts. In my freshman year, my depression was really hard to manage, but I soon found activism; something that gave me hope for the future and a reason to get up. My journey as an activist began when I organized the walkout at my high school after Parkland, and soon led to me co-founding a gun violence prevention group, “Lexington Says #Enough”. More recently, I have been working on mental health advocacy. Last year I made a mental health website, called Sophrosyne Mental Health and had a rally for mandatory mental health education (Brave New Films made a documentary about us!) I’ve done work for the Cory Booker campaign as well. My dream job is to work for the UN and travel the world and then eventually run for office.

Northeastern Regional Director


Hi! I'm Eric Damien from Nairobi, Kenya. Aside from my work with Meddling Kids Movement, I am a climate justice activist working with Zero Hour as the regional lead for its Kenyan sister chapter. I love reading and making terrible puns in five languages. Oh yeah and I also love to write.

International Regional Director/Social Media Team member



Outreach Team member


Hello! I am Zhi Zhi–an 18-year-old feminist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Aside from being a member of the Outreach Team on MKM, I am also the founder of a feminist blog called Feminist Apprentice where I write about my views on various feminist topics. Furthermore, I am a Malaysian Youth Ambassador for World Literacy Foundation, a young journalist for the Star (a national newspaper), and a volunteer at Amnesty International Malaysia. I do not like anything spontaneous, I have 5 dogs, I am obsessed with FRIENDS, I unwind by having a secret dance party with myself and my iPod, and as nerdy as this may seem, I actually enjoy studying. 


Outreach Team member


Hi! I’m Emma Burden. I’m 16-years-old and live on the outskirts of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Other than being part of the Outreach Team for MKM, I’m also part of the Communications Team for the Chattanooga Health Advocacy Team. I’m looking forward to volunteering as a Community Ambassador for a local contraceptives provider and joining Students Demand Action. I’m most passionate about equal rights and reproductive rights, but I’m also growing into becoming a stronger advocate for gun control. I first got interested in politics in the 2016 election, and now that we’re easing towards the 2020 election, I’m looking forward to working in my community and on a national scale to raise political awareness and to rally for the causes that I believe in. My favorite movies are the Star Wars saga and my favorite book is either The Catcher in the Rye, Postcards From the Edge, or The Color Of Water.


Social Media Team member


Hey! My name is Doran Walters. I am a high school senior from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I first got involved in activism during the March For Our Lives in 2018. That was amazing and we had 4,000 people show up in Oklahoma. I am currently the co-lead for MFOL OKC. I have also worked with Youth Climate Strike and I am beyond excited to be working with MKM. I love working social media because through it I’m able to connect and educate so many people. Outside of activism, I work with animals. I love working with everything from stingrays to elephants. I know about a million random facts about animals and would be happy to share them with you. 

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Policy Team member


Hi! My name is Samuel Gerstein and I am a 15-year-old activist from Boca Raton, Florida. I am currently studying for my B.S. in Biology and hope to become an International Environmental Attorney. Outside of school, I have been an activist for a Green New Deal previously acting as a Hub Coordinator for the Sunrise Movement. Additionally, I was a strike coordinator for the 9/20 strike in Palm Beach, mobilizing hundreds of young people from different cities against climate change. I also am an economic justice activist and starting a Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter at my school. When I am not sitting on Zoom calls, I love to go to the beach and snorkel. I cannot wait to advocate for my passion for youth justice as a team member for MKM.


Policy Team member


Hi! My name is Ryan Hachey and I’m a 15-year-old from Bethesda, Maryland. I am very passionate about politics and public policy, and try to be involved in government as much as possible.  Growing up so close to Washington D.C, I see first hand the impact decisions in congress can have in my community, and am lucky enough to be able to participate directly in the legislative process. Outside of this, I am also very involved with my school’s debate club, model United Nations, and mock trial teams. I am a principal chair french horn player, and a member of the French Honors society as well. I am excited to be a policy team member for MKM, and am looking forward to helping youth from all over the world become politically active in their communities.


Education Team member


Hello! I’m Diamond Kifle, a 16-year-old from Columbia, Maryland. I was indirectly involved with activism at a summer program I attended on social justice and public policy the summer of my sophomore year. While I was always passionate about youth activism, that year was the first time I’d actually learned about how I can help. I got involved in a local movement trying to combat sexual assault called the Nomen Nescio Project and began writing for an online blog geared towards women of color. I have the strongest hatred for avocados, and my favorite movie is V for Vendetta.

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 5.24.01 PM.png

Education Team member


Hi! My name is Zoe Shore. I’m 15-years-old, I live in Tuscaloosa, AL, and I’m a member of the Education Team. My first real encounter in activism was after the 2016 election when I attended the Women’s March on Washington. That experience inspired me to do more and be more politically active so I joined MKM. About my life outside of the Education Team, I’m a theatre junkie, and pretty much exclusively listen to showtunes. I’m also an avid reader and movie lover.

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Financial Team member


Hi, I'm Pratham Hombal and I'm a 15-year-old and I live in Clovis, CA. I enjoy activism and I volunteered on a political campaign in 2018. Aside from MKM, I am President and Co-founder 

of The Ecolibrium Project, a student-led environmental conservation group, and serve as Historian of the Valley Progressive Alliance. I'm involved in robotics, debate, orchestra, and I enjoy traveling in my free time.

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Financial Team member


Hello! My name is Nimo, l am a 14-years-old, and l am from Boise, Idaho. Besides being on the Financial Team for Meddling Kids Movement, I am a writer. l love quotes and inspiring people to speak up. I also love soccer and trying to make people happy.


Partnerships Team member


Hi! My name is Emily Hunter. I live in Tuscaloosa, AL, and I’m 15-years-old. I am very passionate about youth activism, and I strongly believe in gun control as well as women’s rights. In school, I frequently like to educate my classmates about these topics. Outside of MKM, I love all sports, especially Alabama football. I love to write and travel, and I’m constantly babysitting my four younger siblings.

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Creative Team member


My name is Isabella Reeves and I live in San Carlos, California. I consider myself to be very politically active and love to hear everyone’s opinions. I am passionate about womens’ rights and reproductive rights. I am 16-years-old and am a junior in high school. I write for the student-run news magazine and am a segment producer for ScotCenter News, my high school news broadcasting team. I am a 2019 graduate of the California Scholastic Press Association workshop and plan to major in film. I love to tell amazing stories for the world to experience and I hope to one day become an Academy Award-winning documentarian. I am also passionate about singing and was in the 2018 Coastal Region Honor Choir. I am also in my high school’s acapella group, In Treble. I love to write songs and express my creativity in everything I do.